Mission and Vision

Sabi University under umbrella of Sabi Technology Enhanced Learning Inc. (SABITEL) follows the vision of Sabi Technology Enhanced Learning Inc. SABITEL vision took form 10 years ago based on Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This article states that education should be equally assessable and should promote understanding, tolerance and friendship among all nations, racial and religious groups. SABITEL believes that providing an internationally minded, technologically enhanced education offers a unique opportunity to fulfill the aspirations of Article 26. SABITEL has been advocating this vision during last decade by setting up Sabi University and now it is expanding its area to other areas of education.

According to this vision, Sabi University aims to become the main provider of Technology Enhanced Higher Education to students around the world and be recognized for the accessibility of its programs; the quality of its teaching, learning process, student services and its commitment to the success of its students. In principle, Sabi University aims to synchronize the world of education by bringing together students from around the world with knowledge from around the world.

Sabi University prepares students for effective leadership and citizenship in a global environment characterized by diversity, competition, environmental respect, cultural understanding and technological innovation. Programs are offered at the executive and professional doctoral, master, bachelor, diploma and certificate levels and are designed to extend educational access to adult students wherever they are located.

Sabi University’s commitment to “Excellence” is an ongoing process that aims to improve our academic performance and place us at the front of academic quality through clear and transparent standards.

Sabi University will pursue its mission in accordance with the following Mission Statement:

  1. Sabi University provides access to higher education opportunities, enabling students to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve their professional goals, improve the productivity of their organizations and provide leadership and service to their communities.
  2. Sabi University facilitates cognitive and effective student learning to promote the use of acquired knowledge in each student's workplace.
  3. Sabi University develops competence in communication, critical thinking, collaboration and information utilization; together with a commitment to lifelong learning via technology enhanced education.
  4. Sabi University provides instruction that bridges the gap between theory and practice with faculty members who bring to their lectures not only advanced academic preparation, but also the skills that come from the current practice of their professions.
  5. Sabi University uses technology to create effective modes and means of instruction thereby expanding access to learning resources and enhancing collaboration and communication for improved student learning.