Frequently Ask Questions


1. I don't have any working experience. Am I eligible to apply for Sabi University's programs?

Unfortunately, having working experience is one of the requirement to apply for Sabi University's programs. The university's program are professional and executive programs which need the student's previous working experience as one of the student's ability to the better understanding of assignments and the program content.


2. My working schedule doesn't allow me to study full-time. Is the Sabi University's program entirely online or need a period of residency during my studies?

All programs are fully online, and the student doesn't need to attend any on-campus courses. We support students during the learning from the distance through eCampus. The student must finish his/her studies during defined length but s/he has the flexibility to has its pace and schedule during his/her studies.


3. I submitted my application, but no one contacted me from the university, why?

Please make sure that you have provided with all required documents mentioned in application form because we do not consider incomplete applications and we would not contact the candidates and ask them to complete their application.


4. My country doesn't recognize eLearning. Is there any possibility to study on-campus at Sabi University?

Following the university leadership's decision, from 2016 all programs are only online and the university is no longer admit on-campus students.


5. Do you offer any scholarship?

The university doesn't offer any scholarship at the moment. If there would be any scholarship plan, it will be announced by the Presidential Bureau.


6. Can I pay my tuition fee in installments?

Paying in installments is not accepted by the university. However, you can discuss your financial difficulties with the officer who is in touch with you to find a solution but "Paying in installments" would not be the option.


7. Is the university accredited?

Please visit accreditation page to find all about the accreditation of the university and its programs.


8. Can I transfer the credits of my previous studies to Sabi University?

On program's page, there is the section called "CREDIT TRANSFER PROCEDURES AND ACCELERATION." It openly discusses this matter. However, credit transfer might be possible only for a program which has the same educational level with the program that you wish to study at Sabi University. It means that you cannot transfer your credits from lower-level program to upper-level program.


9. On "Tuition Fee" page mentioned "The programs tuition fee is for the period of the program," what does it exactly mean?

It means that you have to complete your studies during defined length of the program which is 52 weeks for master studies and 104 weeks for doctoral studies. The tuition fee that you are going to pay will be for this period. If you would not complete your studies during the program length, for the second period, you have to pay the same amount that you have already paid for the first period. In other words, it costs you more if you cannot complete your studies on time.


10. Can I meet with my classmates during my studies?

You have to consider the fact that you are the eLearning student with the different characteristic with traditional on-campus studies. You have the possibility to communicate with your classmates through eCampus, but there would not be any residency during your studies.


11. Is there any age limit to apply for Sabi University's program?

No there is no age limit. The University was founded to help everyone from everywhere to develop their knowledge.