The Doctor of Public Administration is a Doctoral level research-based qualification, designed to enhance your public leadership skills as you develop and apply research addressing multidisciplinary public service issues. This doctoral program uses course work, current case studies, advanced learning technologies, and field experience to strengthen collaboration and leadership skills and identify community issues that could benefit from an action-based research project.

Sabi University’s Doctor of Public Administration (DPA) places great emphasis on highly relevant, workplace-based research by producing truly actionable knowledge, which is relevant to the student’s field of expertise rather than narrowly defined theoretical research.

The professional doctoral program produces a qualification, which, while being equivalent in status and difficulty to a Ph.D., is more appropriate for those pursuing professional rather than academic careers. The DPA program’s combination of deep practice-based learning and research is highly beneficial to professionals allowing for the immediate integration of actionable knowledge and critical thinking skills.

Today’s work environment is fully globalized, highly complex and prone to disruptive change. In this environment, effective leaders must make sense of a morass of complex and often conflicting information to help their organizations solve truly challenging problems.

The Sabi University’s Doctor of Public Administration (DPA) program is designed for civil servants, managers, and diplomats looking to develop their management skills and knowledge.



The Doctor of Public Administration program takes an innovative approach, fostering learning through engagement and action. Students expand their actionable knowledge through classroom learning (pre-recorded lectures, flipped interactive classroom discussions, case studies, assignments, seminars, additional reading materials) and through active research using appropriate quantitative and qualitative methods.

The core curriculum of the DPA program consists of contemporary management topics such as leadership and managerial decision-making among other subjects.

Alongside the core modules, students each writes a Doctoral Development Plan (DDP) reflecting on their development as doctoral practitioners and researchers. The DDP helps students obtain doctoral-level professional knowledge and the critical thinking skills needed for leading businesses and organizations.

Students complete their qualification with an original thesis based on a critical project undertaken in their organization. Unlike traditional academic thesis for Ph.D. research, this thesis is designed to produce new, actionable knowledge for immediate use.

This degree is aligned with external professional standards to help you obtain the relevant expertise to advance your career and meet the demands of your field.

By the successful completion of your degree program, you will have gained the following skills and knowledge:

  • Evaluate current theories and practices in the public administration field
  • Conduct valid, reliable and ethical public administration research
  • Create public value through public administration policies, administrative processes, and leadership.
  • Evaluate and apply professional ethics and integrity
  • Think critically and communicate effectively across the public administration discipline
  • The Sabi University’s Executive Doctor of Public Administration program is comprised of 120 ECTS/60 US credit hours. The program requires 104 weeks (two years) to complete.



As part of the DBA program, each student will prepare a Doctoral Development Plan. The DDP is a summary of the entire dissertation project and, therefore, should not be more than 15 pages long. A successful DDP requires strong summarization skills. The DDP must include the following elements:

  • Thesis purpose: How will the dissertation add knowledge to the existing literature? Is may refute claims made by a prior research study? The goal should be clear and concise.
  • Population and sample: The DDP should describe the target population on which the study will be carried out, the sample as well as the sampling techniques that will be used in obtaining the sample
  • The methodology: the research design, data collection methods and instruments, data analysis and data reporting techniques that will be used.
  • Results/findings: a brief statement of the results expected from the data collection and analysis.


Course Code Module
SUDPAG01 Transformational Leadership 
SUDPAG02 Research and Methodology
SUDPAG03 International Public Law
SUDPAG04 New Approaches in Global Marketing and Human Resource System
SUDPAG05 Advanced Behavioural Economics
SUDPAG06 Advanced Managerial Accounting
SUDPAG07 Doctoral Development Plan
SUDPAG08 Seminars
SUDPAG09 Dissertation 



Sabi University’s DPA candidates must meet the following requirements to apply for the DPA program:

  • Proficiency in the English language*
    • IELTS Score: 6.5
    • TOEFL Score: 85
    • C1 level according to CEFR
  • Master degree
  • Transcripts from previous studies
  • At least 5 years work experience
  • Motivation Letter in English (maximum 150 words)

*Applicants from non-English speaking countries must also provide a language certificate: IELTS score of 6.5 points, TOEFL score of 85 points or take the English language test offered by Sabi University. Students can also participate in Sabi University’s Advance English program before starting their studies.




Application Fee $US 150
Registration Fee $US 150
Tuition Fee $US 21600
Graduation Fee $US 500
Total $US 22400


Sabi University online doctoral studies is ranked as one of the TOP 10 International Distance Doctoral Program - http://www.online-phd-programs.org/top-international-online-phd-programs/



Students with superior academic records may request the admission committee for allowing them to transfer their previous credits to the Sabi University. The granting of an accelerated study is wholly at the admission committee’s discretion.

To be eligible, students must provide:

  • Official transcript of their previous studies including all information about received credits
  • Their previous studies must be done in an accredited or state-recognized higher education institute

Students who believe that they meet the above requirements should inform the admission office immediately after submission of application.

If students meet all of the above conditions, they should take the following steps:

  • Pass an Evaluation Exam
  • Attend an interview with the program director or representative of the admission committee


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