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Executive Diploma in Business Administration

Sabi University offers an Executive Diploma Program to assist professionals in developing their knowledge online. The tuition fee is 900 USD registration fee for 16 weeks online Executive Diploma program. Graduates will receive the Diploma via email, and those who wish to receive in paper needs to pay 500 USD for Diploma Issuance Fee. This is a great opportunity for those who want to develop their knowledge from a distance.

The online Executive Diploma  in Business Administration program has been designed for the professionals who wish to develop their knowledge in specific criteria from a distance.

The Executive Diploma program is a fast track solution for those who don't want to join a degree program but want to improve their knowledge while they are working.

How does it work?


  1. Fill the bellow registration form online;
  2. Select four topics from the list;
  3. Pay the registration fee (900 USD) after receiving the online invoice through PayPal;
  4. Study for 16 weeks online;
  5. Submit your assignments
  6. and graduate with the Executive Diploma in Business Administration.
  7. Receive your Diploma online.


Everything would be online, and you can study at your own pace wherever you are.


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