The Admissions procedure is according to three articles of Sabi University's Academic Charter as follows: 

Article 12 - Admissions Committee


The Admissions Committee is the principal admission authority within the University. The Head of the Admissions Committee is the Chief Admissions Officer. The Admissions Committee is in charge of the admissions and candidates’ selection process. The Admissions Committee must approve credit transfer and change of program.

Note 1 - Each program can have its specialized Admissions Committee.
Note 2 - In the absence of Chief Admissions Officer, the Chief Academic Officer would be the head of Admissions Committee(s).


Article 14 – General Candidates Selection Process


All applicants must submit an online application form to the Admissions Office in addition to the approved application fee.

  1. All candidates must provide a copy of required documents enclosed with the application. The Admissions Committee does not proceed with incomplete applications.
  2. The Admissions Office must send a copy of the application form and additional documents to the Admissions Committee for evaluation.
  3. The Admissions Committee issues an Offer Letter for admitted students in English. The Offer Letter must be delivered through an online registered mailing service such as
  4. All applicants have ten days to accept or refuse the offer and proceed with the registration process. The procedure must be finalized in ten days otherwise the offer would be withdrawn.
  5. The candidates, whose acceptance has been canceled, must re-apply for programs if they wish to study at the University. The Admissions Committee might consider their previous records.
  6. The information of candidates who provide forged documents will be recorded in the University Black List. They are no longer able to study in any program in the future.
  7. Candidates cannot appeal the decision of the Admissions Committee.
  8. The Candidate Selection Process will be reviewed by the Academic Board annually and can be revised.
  9. All applicants must accept the University’s Terms and Conditions upon submission of online application. By doing this, they accept the University’s Terms and Conditions and consequences of violation of terms and conditions.
  10. Candidates cannot apply for a scholarship or financial aid after submission of the application. The admission process for a scholarship or financial aid is different which will be implemented by the Financial Aid Committee.
  11. All enrolled students are subject to receive proper access to the LMS and related materials. They will also receive the student's hand out and all necessary information related to their studies.
  12. The University will not refund any payment if a student wishes to leave the program or in the case a student is dismissed from the program following the decision of Disciplinary Committee.
  13. The University’s application and registration fee are not refundable.