Executive Certificate in Business Administration

Are you looking for an opportunity to update your professional development? Are you looking for a better grasp on changes in your business field? Do you need an Online, OnDemand, OnBudget and Self-Designed program to fit your unique needs but that will fit into your busy life? Check out Sabi University’s Executive Certificate in Business Administration.

In 18 weeks you will earn an online Executive Certificate that is designed and based on an Executive MBA curriculum. You can self-design your program by selecting 3 courses from a set of courses, pay an affordable tuition fee of US$ 2500 for 18 weeks that may be covered by your employer. You study online at your own pace for 18 weeks under the supervision of doctoral faculty and graduate with an Executive Certificate, Credits earned may be transferred to any academic program at Sabi University or at other institutions, depending on their requirements. You will literally have access to a portable university via your smartphone, tablet or computer.

In the 21st century, no one has time to waste. You have a busy life that requires you to manage your time strategically to achieve your professional goals, earn more, and be a good parent and partner. Our Executive Certificate program offers an opportunity that is aligned with your lifestyle. Instead of reading a book or news every night, you study via a cloud-based learning management system with an interactive and engaging mode of education that you probably haven’t experienced previously.


How does it work?

Everything at Sabi University happens online. You fill out the registration form, select three courses from the 22 courses and submit it. In less than 24 hours, you are able to finalize your registration. When the admissions office receives your finalized registration and payment, you are granted access to Learntura Learning Management System to begin your studies. You study online by watching pre-recorded lectures designed by professionals in the field, read carefully selected cutting-edge articles and textbook material, communicate with mentors and classmate via the Flipped Classroom and submit your assignments online. After finishing three courses, you receive your executive certificate and a transcript. Each certificate earns 18 ECTS/ 9 USCCS credit hours that you can use to further your studies, should you choose to, by transferring them to a Sabi University program or petition other universities for transfer credit.


How much does it cost for me?

A certificate is priced at US$ 3500 for 18 weeks. This tuition fee covers all expenses related to your studies including access to the smartphone library, articles, case Studies, textbooks and other material you need for your study. You need only to ensure you have an appropriate smartphone, an internet connection and manage your time accordingly.


How long does it take?

It takes 18 weeks (6 weeks per course) to complete an executive certificate. You can study based on your own pace which means that you can accelerate your program if you desire; however, you will need to follow the program flow and complete the program in the prescribed time of six weeks per course for a total of eighteen weeks.


How rigorous is the program?

You need to count on spending approximately 24 hours per week to finish your studies. Is this an attractive alternative for you? According to recent research, an average person these days spends 5 years and 4 months on social media. Our Executive Certificate program takes only 18 days of your life. We believe that you can learn more from an Executive Certificate than surfing social media.


Program Goals and Outcomes
Outcome 1: Development of Critical Thinkers

Graduates from Executive Certificate program think critically:

  • by identifying, analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating information within their professional discipline,
  • by seeking solution-driven alternatives and solutions in complex environments using appropriate business tools, techniques, models, theories, and research,
  • by demonstrating content-specific knowledge in foundational areas of business and technology.
Outcome 2: Development of Professional and Ethical Leaders

Graduates from Executive Certificate program lead:

  • by always demonstrating standards of professional conduct that show the highest regard for the health, safety, welfare, and care of all individuals,
  • by exemplifying through their words and actions excellence in business, personal, and social responsibility,
  • by constantly striving to educate, enlighten, and inspire others through exemplification of the best practices in ethical business leadership.
Outcome 3: Development of Effective Communicators

Graduates from Executive Certificate program communicate effectively:

  • by presenting information in written form that is conducive to the increased effective and ethical practice of business increasingly competitive global society and business environment,
  • by presenting information orally form that is conducive to the effective and ethical practice of business in an increasing competitive global society and business environment.



Successful students will receive an Executive Certificate in Business Administration and Transcript of Records containing all information regarding their studies.


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