Professional MBA

Sabi University’s strategic vision is to improve the quality of life of society by enhancing the professional capacity of aspiring business and public administrators throughout the world. The Professional MBA is a tangible expression of Sabi University’s quest to be an agent of good through application of effective, efficient and ethical business and public administration. Sabi University offers an affordable online professional Master of Business Administration for those who have three years of managerial working experience or six years of professional working experience. Interested applicants should fill out a Professional Background Form, and have it signed by their employers. In addition to this statement, the applicant must submit the following documents:

  • Application Form
  • A copy of passport
  • A copy of CV
  • A copy of bachelor degree and a transcript of records
  • $US 150 Application Fee

The length of the Professional MBA program is 30 weeks - 60 ECTS - 30 USCCS credit hours. The Admissions Committee considers the applicant's working experience as the equivalent of 30 ETCS - 15 USCCS credit hours leaving the student to complete 30 ETCS or 15 USCCS academic hours for a total of 30 weeks consisting of the following curriculum:

  • 10 Intensive Course - 20 ECTS - 10 USCCS credits hours. Student opts to select 10 Intensive Courses from the Intensive Courses Catalog based on their interest.
  • Capstone Project: After completion of 10 intensive courses, the student needs to write and submit a Capstone Project for 10 ECTS - 5 USCCS credit hours for 10 weeks. The Capstone project cannot be shorter than 7500 words (30 pages) or longer than 12500 words (50 pages).

The total tuition fee excluding the application fee is USD 5250. Online students can pay it once in advance or in two payments, USD 2750 at the beginning of their studies and USD 2500 before starting the Capstone Project.

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